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France: Where the City of Love is

Paris is always a good idea. Everything is chic, fab, and on point. Even if you are not in a relationship, there’s something about the place itself that will make you feel so in love.

UK: Where the best accent is

There’s more to UK than London Bridge and London’s eye. If you are a Harry Potter’s fan, you should know that it is where its concept was first conceived and where most filming took place. But the best thing about UK is its people’s accent that you can never get tired of listening to.


Let Prague Surprise You

Prague is an underrated city to visit by most people, but the truth is it’s a place full of drama and life. It’s a small city, but truly a gem that you would always want to go back to.

Fairy tale in Vienna

Vienna is a quiet city boasting with wonderful palaces. It may not be as exciting as other major travel destinations, but it sure is has unique things to offer.

Red has not always been my color, but Budapest says otherwise.

I’ve always seen Budapest as red for no particular reason. Little did I know that red would be my color when I visited the city. As it was winter, it had a simple neutral color that a pop of red will really bring more spark to this stunning city.

When in Rome

Roaming in Rome is never tiring with all the scenery and history of the city. A 10-minute-away destination could be in 30 minutes as you would want to savor every step.