2019 Goals

Reach 65 kg weight or (better yet) below Go to gym and exercise for 156 times (approximately thrice a week) Don't drink carbonated drinks (soda, unnatural juices, etc) Complete 52-week challenge (P20) Manage one domestic travel Conduct environment charity work Watch total of 120 Movies / 25 Series considering the following: 5 Pinoy movies 12 … Continue reading 2019 Goals

Series I Watched in 2018

JANUARY Sex and the City Season 5 Year's total: 1 MARCH Sex and the City Season 6 House MD Season 1 Year's total: 3 APRIL The Good Doctor Season 1 9JKL House MD Season 2 Year's total: 6 MAY Agent Carter Season 1 Year's total: 7 JUNE 13 Reasons Why Season 2 House MD Season 3 My First … Continue reading Series I Watched in 2018

Attention Store

When we like someone, it's like always waiting for their attention store to open for us. We plan to buy as much as we can during opening hours; probably even list down things and run it through our heads couple of times. Inside the store, we look for favorable signs and labels (or at least … Continue reading Attention Store

Rocking Chair

I placed my father's rocking chair beside my mother's garden. As I sit, I tried my best to relax my mind and focus on the vibrating sound of the crickets. It's very hard to drain my thinking vessel even for a minute; it's full of pens and crayons, sketching and coloring any empty canvass of … Continue reading Rocking Chair


Familiar but vague feeling brought by the cold air against my skin. It feels like a painful one; the kind that roots way back. I close my eyes and savor the crisp brush of earthy chill; I have always known I love rainy season over summer. Roots way back... I can't remember what it is; … Continue reading Rain

Other End

Where am I? I asked myself countless times, but countless times I just hear my voice echoing back with no response from the other end. I am suspecting there is no "other end" to begin with. I looked down at my feet full of dirt; it's as if I have been walking on this road … Continue reading Other End