50% of the reason of me giving up is because I felt alone in that battle. Sure my friends have sentiments as I have. We even spent hours and hours talking about a certain problem and the possible resolution for it. But when it comes to voicing it out to the Core Group, it will always be me.

When they’ve pointed out something, I try to ensure I back them up with my email. I want people know my side. But when it’s time for me to say my side, none from them backs me up.

So what’s the end result? I’m the bad, criticizing bitch who knows nothing but to negate other leads’ opinion. And I’m the one hated the most.

Not saying that I want my friends-slash-co-leads to  share the evil image. I just want them to let people know their side (especially if I am well aware of it). Too bad, it looks like they don’t like conflict. So what am I? The bait?

They’re my friends. It makes me guilty to think this way about them. But none of what happened proved me wrong.

So… How can you fight if you’re friends don’t show other people that they have my back?


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