(recovered entry from one of my first blog sites)


Men who believe Christ have lesser chances of cheating on their woman. Since they fear Christ, they know for sure that cheating or any form of sinning will be a very big deal. Not that I’m using this belief for my own sake, but if you must know, I’m a Christian as well so I want someone to share my belief with. Plus, well, this is for the approval of my mother who is also a Christian.



Who would not want a handsome partner. I don’t look at physical appearance primarily. For me, it’s just a bonus. But hey, we’re talking about ‘ideal’ here, you know. It would not hurt to fantasize once in a while.

Eyes catch me first. Looking for those that will give me the feeling of melting every time they meet mine. So as with the smile.

And of course, I want someone who could give the feeling of security by just a mere hug. Like you feel so protected because you’re wrapped around his arms, and no one or nothing can hurt you once you’re man is holding you. Sounds cheesy, but yeah, it is cheesy.

Anyway, I have this stupid ‘sweet-for-me’ thing. It feels so sweet for me if a guy’s hand can cover mine entirely. Like my hand is too small for him to hold. I don’t know why. It’s just sweet for me. And is so rare because I’m a tall lady so it’s hard to find a guy like that.



My man should be brainy enough. I don’t want someone who is so shallow-minded. Although it was added to my considerations that if I choose someone who is as intellectual as a UP student, there would be lots of times that we will argue to death because of contradicting beliefs. But what thrills me is the kind of argument we will have—a high-end one. Not that I’m degrading non-UP men. It’s just that I want a deeper sense of conversation sometimes. Ok, most of the time. And yes, UP men can give that, which I’ve already proven.



I don’t know about the cases of other ladies out there, but most of the guys I met before, as well as I’ve heard of, have this ‘ningas cogon’ thinking. It’s the kind of thinking when we do something with all the enthusiasm at first but diminishes later on.

Let’s admit this, ladies, for those who can relate. Men who are trying to have our approval try every sort of sweetest thing we could ever imagine. Like the kilig-to-the-bones sort of thing. But after you say ‘yes’ to them, and as your relationship goes on, so as their sweetness and the thrill they used to give you during the courtship phase or the early phase of your relationship.

I have this theory why. Maybe, they are already settled with what they have. Of course, they have ‘you’ already so it’s time for them to relax now. They don’t need to exceed more effort for your approval because you’re already a couple.

So I want a consistent one. The one who would not get tired of thinking new ways to make our relationship exciting. The one who is sweet and full of effort at first, and will still be sweet and full of effort as your relationship goes on. I hate boring relationship, more the people who make the relationship boring. I love surprises, yes I do! It’s one of the sweetest things invented.



They say that ladies fall for a guy who has a great sense of humour. I definitely want to have someone who would make me laugh out loud every single day of my life. Like he is never getting tired of making me happy that even looking stupid in public would be fine as long as he made me laugh. Someone who I can play jokes around without getting offended.

Someone who people around me can say that we are not just lovers, but we are also friends, like best of friends with how we can joke with each other. Someone who can stand a day with me just playing pillow fight and trash talking each other. Totally not typical couple who are chummy chummy with each other for like forever. My God. I’m about to throw up.



I’m dreaming of watching my man’s game, and cheer for him. And since I’m not a sporty person, I want my opposite who would share some things that I don’t know. It’s not limited to basketball. Any sort of sport. Volleyball, tennis, whatever. Or better yet, more sports on a man. How’s that?



I don’t want an introvert! I’m a very sociable person. It would be very nice if my man is also like that who can socialize with the people we’ll meet—the one whom my friends would say that ‘He’s cool, huh?’ If people call me Miss Congeniality, it would be nice if they would also call my man Mister Congeniality.



Prim and proper. Has anyone heard of the word presentable here? Why would I want a messy guy? Of course, I want my man to make an extra effort to fix himself. Metrosexual? Hmm… Acceptable. But not too much, I don’t want him to outshine me.



Not the bad side of this word, but the brighter side of it. He must have some kind of sense of direction that will lead our relationship to where it should be. You know, the kind of dominant man that have plan for things. Well, it’s good to sometimes go with the flow, but it’s better to have plans. And although he may be dominant, he would still give me the room to voice out what I want, but still be manly enough to carry out the matter. Or better yet (I do have so many options in mind!), he would plan according to what he thinks I would want because he is very aware of the things that would make me happy that there’s no need for me to say it to him. Very sensitive guy. Super.



Although harana is no longer in the limelight, I’m still dreaming of experiencing one. Someone did that to me before although he doesn’t have that acceptable voice, at least he tried. I want someone who would jam with me. Guitar, keyboards, and the voice. Of course, I would love more if he knows how to dance as I do. FYI, I also dream of someone who would dance with me on the floor. Like the ones in the Step Up movies.



I’m hell of a hot-tempered person. So I want someone who would not sway with my mood especially during my PMS. Not a single guy I know knows how to take care of me during my PMS! They don’t understand that phase.

‘Kay, let’s connect it with what I’ve said about being a UP guy. Although we’re fighting as hard as teeth, he would not argue with me for the sake of keeping his ego up, but for the sake of understanding the situation.

This also goes with the consistent and the dominant thingy, isn’t it? When you are a consistent guy, that means you understand what will make your relationship exciting. When you’re a dominant man, that means you understand responsibility. Made sense?



It’s so nice if you’re guy is a gentle one:

He opens the door for you.

He gives way to you.

He holds your hand as you try to go down from the jeep, taxi, bus, or even tricycle.

He pulls out your chair so you can sit down.

He carries your things voluntarily.

He holds your waist to guide you as you cross the street.

He sends you home himself to make sure you’re alright.


What a princess you are when you are with this guy.



He is holding your hand already before you can even reach for his.

He is never embarrassed to call you with your endearment with each other in public.

He surprises you with things even little things like slipping an I-Love-You note on your planner.

He posts on your Facebook wall saying how much he loves you, and never gets uncomfortable about it.

He pulls your waist softly towards him so that he can hug you slightly and kiss you gently.

He stares at you while you are asleep.

He snuggles you before he finally get out of bed to prepare.

He loves to cook for you.

He takes care of you during your PMS.

And the list goes on…

Well… I know this seemed to be a very impossible kind of man. But may I just remind you, dear reader, that this is an ideal guy we are talking about, I am talking about. It’s free to dream of him, you know. This is not a complete list yet, because as you know, the list will go on and on and on! But these are the things I really fancy more often.

And if the day would come that someone like this would come my way, what a big blessing it would be for me. Although, I am still open for the possibilities that we can’t always get what we want. So I just do hope that there is really a man (even not my CHUCHS and MUGS perfectly, ‘cause nothing/no one’s perfect, right?) who would treat me the way I’ve always wanted. The one who, even in his smallest effort, would make me feel how much his love for me is.

May I just quote also a man from the movie No Strings Attached. He said: “We don’t choose who we fall in love with, and it never happens like it should.”


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