Really, what is Beauty?

(recovered entry from one of my first blog sites)

The term ‘beautiful’ is, for me, subjective. What beautiful is for you may be otherwise for me. And vice versa.

True enough.

However… This thing has been bugging me for days already. Why do some women have to go naked in order to get more attention, and likewise, be called beautiful? Is showing off skin equal to beauty?

I think not.

I’ve been observing a TV personality for quite some time now. She is not a Filipina, but her career here in the Philippines is booming. She has a TV show and is a model—a sexy model. I am following her Instagram account, and every day, she is posting sexy pictures from her photo shoots then captions them with, for example, “Good morning!” like they are just natural-everyday things. I mean, what the hell? That’s how you want to start other people’s morning, with your provocative picture?

I keep thinking what she wanted to achieve with that. Easy access to fame? Probably. And yeah, I may sound a bit insecure with her because she is totally hot, no question with that. But I’m more concerned with the effects of her actions.

I don’t want to be judgmental. I’m just saying. For me, what she is doing triggers more minds that are lustful, and one of the last things this country needs is a lustful mind. That will not help our country. In fact, it creates more problems. With a lustful mind, one can be unfaithful to their partners. It can start rape and even murder. And other worse things, maybe. I’m not sure if she cares about that because, for one, she is not a Filipino citizen.

Negative much? I don’t think so. Look at our country now. Rape is rampant, so is murder. And yeah, being treacherous, too.

I don’t have anything against this lady personally. We don’t even know each other, please. She is just an example because there are lots of people who are doing this, you know, showing off bodies just to get attention—may it be celebrity or not.

Well, if you want to correct me, then tell me the other things you want to achieve with that. More money? Honey, you can earn good money and still be decent. Passion? Oh, come on. Passion to get naked? Passion to be fantasized by other people? In my point of view, those who post provocative pictures and let other people fantasize about them, no matter how tasteful the picture is, are not decent at all. Again, it creates troubles. Who would want trouble?

And just recently, she posted a picture to promote something. Not sure if it is a magazine or something. Then, someone commented a nasty one. On her next post, she said that she would seriously block those who post unnecessary comments so better watch out. And I was like ‘For real? You are that disappointed?’ You post provocative pictures. Your account is not even private. And you are expecting no nasty comments? I bet she is an idiot for doing that.

Then someone commented on that I’m-gonna-block-you post saying that she should have seen it coming because she posts sexy pictures. True. Have not she had thought of that?

Oh, if my friends would read this blog of mine, they may be a bit surprised with my point of view. I am still that conservative with some matters, you know, and it includes ‘this’. But, yeah. I’m still a concerned citizen.

Now, on a further observation of this non-Filipina sexy personality, she went on an autograph signing. She was wearing a white long sleeves, skinny jeans, and 3-inch heels. And I have to say, she looked gorgeous, presentable, and still hot.

And it made me think… She doesn’t need to wear bikini, no-underboob top in order to get attention because she is beautiful just the way she is. I see her pictures wearing simple shirt and a cap, and she still looked fabulous.

And just recently, she left the Philippines to go back to her country to, I don’t know, study?

Women, for me, do not need to strip the hell their clothes off just to be beautiful, to get attention. Women do not need to be slutty to get a man. Women do not need to bitch other women out just to stand out. It just takes self-confidence, a very strong self-confidence. I tell you, it beats D&G, LV, and all the fucking branded stuff.

Self-confidence is priceless.

As Christina Aguilera said, “We are beautiful no matter what they say.”


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