Yes, I am Single again. No biggie.

(recovered entry from one of my first blog sites)

One day after Hearts’ Day, I just need to let these all out…

TO LOYAL COUPLES. Without any tinge of bitterness in my system, I hope your relationship will stay strong.

TO WITH-SHAKY-RELATIONSHIP OR UNLOYAL COUPLES. Find what you really want. If you are no longer happy or are having doubts, at least be honest with your partner and tell them why. Don’t cheat just because you are not contended. Don’t let your partner suffer your confusion nor your psychotic thinking. Don’t take advantage of men or women who show interest to you. You’re taken, asshole/bitch. Be ethical enough to stay loyal, otherwise, single yourself out so you can do whatever you want. And please. Not because you have other sexual relationships aside from your official relationship do not make you more handsome nor prettier. It makes you gross. And more please. Not because your partner is so martyr enough to swallow your infidelity does not mean it’s okay to be infidel. Have some decency and respect if not for yourself then at least for your partner. Suck up, dude.

TO THIRD-PARTY SINGLE PEOPLE. You deserve better than a taken man/woman. And even if you finally won over that man/woman from his/her official partner, what gives you guarantee that s/he will stay loyal to you after cheating on his/her ex for you? Remember. Cheaters will always be cheaters. I haven’t witnessed myself a cheater who was fully converted to a loyal person (again, that’s my experience. Not the official statistics). Think about the person being cheated on. If you were on his/her place, how would you feel? Pretty fucked up, yeah.

TO YOLOING SINGLE PEOPLE. Y’all are awesome! I think. Just don’t fuck up anyone else’s relationship. Otherwise, you are gross, too.

TO HOPEFUL SINGLE PEOPLE. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Don’t question God. Even if you don’t get the wo/man of your dreams, there is for sure a better plan laid out for you. Just believe and wait.



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