Cafe I’m Here, Tomas Morato

From the moment I’ve known about this Cafe, I’ve already targeted to visit here. It’s one of my recent gustos to visit places, which are unique for my taste and Cafe I’m Here is one of those.

Cafe I’m Here is quite far from where I live (in Pasig) being in Tomas Morato. But hell. I still ventured to commute and skipped booking Grab.

  • From Pasig (Ortigas Extension), I took a Cubao-bound jeep and alight to its last stop, Cubao.
  • I walked towards MRT Cubao Station and rode MRT until Quezon Avenue Station.
  • From there, I walked towards the other side of EDSA (if you see McDonald’s, that’s where you are heading).
  • Look for Mother Ignacia Avenue and ride a tricycle instructing the driver to take you to Boy Scout Circle. I paid P25 for a solo ride.
  • Alight Petron and cross the street. There you’ll see the CTTM Building (Corner Timog Tomas Morato). Cafe is located in 3rd You can ride elevator or use stairs (I prefer the latter).


Tada! Here now. I was very excited to try their units. But first, I need to try their food too since I traveled almost an hour or so.



(Menu taken from Zomato 12/02/2016)

So my eyes rested in Green Tea Frappe being a big fan of green tea. I ordered and asked the staff if I can stay in any of the units, and they said yes only that the bigger ones are for groups.

Looking around, 1st floor has tents, reading cubicles with lights, while second floor is a no-chair area (because you’ll sit on the floor). Each unit is provided with pillows and bean bags, and outlets so you can use laptop and/or charge your gadgets. They have no wifi though.


The staff directed me to second floor near the aircon and window. I gladly followed. My drink was served to me when I was already settled.


I find the place very cozy and respectful of my privacy, and I was able to accomplish my ToDos peacefully. Eventually,  I grew hungry and went down to order something. I can’t decide so I asked their specialty. Caramel Bread, they said. If you know me well you would know this is not something I will order being unenthusiastic of its taste. But the staff said I will start liking caramel once I’ve tasted their product. Nice sale stalk ate 🙂 So I bought one.


It was big for something I was not excited to eat. But boy, it was splendid. A really must try especially for those who are caramel fans.

I stayed for almost 5 hours, and it was very worth the travel and time.

Store Hours: 10AM to 3AM
Address: 3rd Floor, CTTM Bldg. 68 Timog Ave cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Facebook Page:


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