[DIY/Backpacking] Baguio Escapade

I’ve been to Baguio once as a side trip to our Ilocos way back 2008. I didn’t get the chance to roam around the city and explore what it offers.

It’s a good thing that my friends wanted to go there just recently, November 2016.

We booked our tickets 2 days before our trip because we didn’t want to be chance passengers. Our bus was Victory Liner Cubao and we took the 11PM schedule.


And so our 6-hour trip began. Oh, by the way, I used my newly-bought action cam and this trip was the pioneer usage. LOL. We should be more than 5 heads but the others have prior commitments.

We arrived in Baguio around 5:30AM. And we were excited to get off the bus because out butts hurt AF. Before we officially began our adventure, we bought our tickets back to MNL to save ourselves from hassle.

Our plan was to have our breakfast in Chocolate de Batirol. So we hailed a cab and went there. By the way, cabs in Baguio are very cheap. One reason maybe is because they do not have aircon (why would they need one? :D) so you can cab-all-you-want. Also, there were less traffic during our stay. So it’s double sweet!

Unfortunately, Chocolate de Batirol was not yet opened when we arrived there at 6:15AM (they open 7AM). And we were big time hungry and can’t wait for 45 minutes any longer. So we hailed another camp and went to Camp John Hay. Not sure if I remembered it right, but I think Pizza Volante was the only restaurant opened when we arrived.


Address: Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Store Hours: 24 hours
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: (not able to confirm)
Comments: My friends and I didn’t like it there, but we had no choice since we’re undeniably hungry and would eat just about anything.

Where to Stay: We walked towards Scout Barrio to look for GM Apartel—this is where we’re staying. When we arrived there, the owner and helper welcomed us very nicely with the former orienting us about the place. It was nice and homey; very recommendable with a very reasonable affordable price.


Photo from: Caryssa Mae Egnal

Address: 76 Dahlia Street, Lower Scout Barrio, Baguio City
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gmapartel/
Website: http://www.gmapartel.com/index.html
Comments: The area has few cabs you can hail. You either go back to Camp John Hay or ride a jeep going Burnham Park then hail a cab from either

Here are other places we went to:

1. Cafe By the Ruins


Address: 25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio
Store Hours: 7AM – 11PM
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-By-The-Ruins-38813861009/
Website: (not able to confirm)
-Jam-packed people when we got there. We waited before we got seated. It’s a good indication that the place is nice.
-Very nice interior, with all the woods and kinda Italian style.
-Pricey food. We expected that servings might be big, but those where just typical sizes.
-Foods tasted nice. We ordered the following:

  • Ruins Coffee
  • Pinikpikan (we had 2 servings of this because it tasted so good)
  • Hundred Islands Sinigang
  • Baguio Bagnet

-Overall verdict: Overrated. Food and place were nice, but it’s too pricey for us. This is not somewhere we’ll go back again.

2. Tea House


Address: Session Road, Baguio
Store Hours: (not able to confirm)
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: (not able to confirm)
-We didn’t expect the appearance of the store (no offense), but there were lots of people who were there so it looks like the place is kicking ass
-We only bought Chona’s delight (see picture above) and for P120, it was such a heavenly treat
-We left as soon as we ate one tub of it because the place was crammed

3. Chaya


Address: 72 Legarda Rd, Brgy. Campo Sioco, Baguio
Store Hours: 11AM – 9PM
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chayalegarda/
Website: http://chayarestaurant.com/
Comments: Green Tea Iced cream is such an awesome treat as well as the chocolate parfait (see below). Maybe if we were not that full, I could have eaten ramen. I will definitely go back here and eat Japanese food.


Photo from: Caryssa Mae Egnal

4. Philippine Military Academy


Address: Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City
Visiting Hours: (not able to confirm)
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: http://www.pma.ph/
Comments: We went there via cab as that was the most convenient mode for us. The place was huge and lots of trees and spots where you can take picture. The cadets were seemed to be very disciplined as well.

4. Burnham Park – the very famous park. We just stayed and roamed a bit there because we were waiting for the night market at 9PM.

5. Night Market

Address: Harrison Road, Baguio City
Operating Hours: 9PM – 2AM
Comments: It’s one hell of a looooong road full of tiangge. During our visit, there were lots of people who would battle with you while buying. We were not able to savor our so-called shopping because the flood of people made us very dizzy. If you are okay with this kind of setup, happy shopping! Otherwise, boy, good luck.

That ended our first day. We went home with our Smirnoff/Breezers bought in 7-11 because we were too tired to stay in a bar to drink.

Second day! The night before, we already planned our schedule for this day because the third day, we’d go back to Manila.

6. Chocolate de Batirol


Photo from: Caryssa Mae Egnal

Address: Igorot Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio
Store Hours: 7AM – 10PM
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: http://chocolatedebatirol.com/
Comments: Their breakfast was typical, but their hot chocolate was delish! The place was nature-inspired, and we sat outside on a wooden chairs and tables setup.

7. Good Shepherd

Address: Gibraltar Road, Baguio
Store Hours: 8AM – 5PM
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: (not able to confirm)
-Place where you can buy pasalubongs
-Go there as early as you can because items are easily sold out. You have choice, though, to buy outside near the place but for additional price
-Quite far but can be reached by cabs

8. Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad


Photo from: Caryssa Mae Egnal

Address: La Trinidad, Benguet
Store Hours: (not able to confirm)
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: (not able to confirm)
-Technically, not in Baguio already, but can be reached by cab
-We were told that vegetables and fruits were cheaper there. I didn’t realize, price looked the same to me.
-Go on and do strawberry picking. We didn’t try because it was hot there
-We tried strawberry iced cream though 🙂

9. Ketchup Food Community


Address: Romulo Dr., Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio
Operating Hours: 10AM – 8:30PM
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ketchup-The-Food-Community-188561991243684/
Website: (not able to confirm)
-We originally wanted to try Canto, but the place was too full and we didn’t want to wait so we ended up with Rancho Norte
-Rancho Norte was kinda alike with Cafe by The Ruins set up with all the woods
-Food price was reasonable and very tasty

10. Starbucks, Camp John Hay


Our friendship started by just hanging out in Starbucks after dance rehearsal. Now, it has been our tradition to go in any Starbucks every meet up—sometimes, only few will buy drinks and cakes then we’ll all just share. So we didn’t skip the chance to stay in Baguio’s Starbucks.

11. Glenn 50’s Diner

Address: 166 Military Cutoff Road, Baguio
Operating Hours: 7AM – 10:30PM
Facebook Page: (not able to confirm)
Website: (not able to confirm)
-Jam-packed people as in there were really lots of people when we got there.
-When we were seated, I could understand because, although the foods were pricey, they serve big. And tasted very nice. I’d probably come back some other time when it’s not peak days.

12. Zola Resto Cafe


Address: Session Road cor. Fr. Carlu Road, Baguio City
Operating Hours: 24 hours
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zolarestocafe/
Website: (not able to confirm)
Comments: Last place we visited in Baguio. We wanted to try and drink in a bar and this was the closest, decent place we passed by. They have wide variety of menu, but we just minded drinks. The place was wide and had lots of chairs inside. They also have terrace with chairs for a view of Session Road.


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