[DIY/Backpacking] When in Manila – Manila Ocean Park

After my whole-day walking in Manila, I went to Manila Ocean Park the day after that. Talk about scheduling, right?

I have a big fear with open water, and there is no way in this present time that I would go and dive in an ocean just to see underwater creatures. So here’s my alternative—Manila Ocean Park. I’ve been wanting to go here, but I just didn’t have a decent time plus there’s no one who wants to join me 😐 KJs. So I took it on my own hands and visited the place. ALONE.

Before this day, I’ve already purchased a ticket in Metrodeal. Ocean’s Sky Wonder (10-in-1 Attractions) for P799. This includes:

  1. Oceanarium
  2. Trails to Antarctica
  3. Jellies Exhibit
  4. Penguin Talk Show
  5. Birds of Prey Kingdom
  6. Sea Lion Show
  7. Sharks & rays Dry Encounter
  8. All-Star Bird Show
  9. Symphony Evening Show
  10. Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum

I visited on December 4, 2016. It’s a Sunday so I was expecting loads of people. My strategy was to get up as early as 6AM to arrive in MOP when it opens at 9am. So I arrived 10am via commute. But it was still okay because I was able to see most shows and attractions with manageable volume of people around. When I used up all my passes, field-trip people arrived. Waking up early paid off.

When I got there, there’s a separate line for walk-ins and online reserved tickets. I needed to line up and exchange my voucher to MOP pass (bracelet thing). Make sure you print your voucher and have an ID ready so you won’t get hassled.

Now onto the shows and attractions…

Oceanarium –  this was the attraction I am most excited to see because this is filled with ocean creatures I’ve been wanting to see without the need to go underwater 😀 I noticed that most of the fishes I was trying to capture were really stopping as I take picture. I think they are trained for photo ops, don’t you think?


Favorite place is the tank. This. Is. So. Awesomesauce.

Sea Lion Show – I quite hustled my visit in Oceanarium because this show would start 45 minutes after I entered Oceanarium. It’s not my first time to watch Sea Lion show as I’ve already been to Subic to watch their version of it. But that was way back high school days, can barely remember how fun that was.


Salute! These sea lions were so adorbs. Wonder how they are trained. Show ran for an hour. It was very satisfying.

Birds of Prey Kingdom – Oh, this one’s creepy I got out after under 15 minutes or even 10.


When you see them. So this attraction features eagles. They fly freely on that area, which has trees as well. As you can see on the picture, some of them were hanging on branches on the top. I know they are all trained and all, but of course, they are still hunters. One of which even flew very near my head that I thought he’d caught me with his claws. 😐 Another thing I didn’t like about the attraction was the foul smell of the water on both sides. If you’ll take a peek, the water’s dirty with trashes floating. I hope MOP take actions on that. It’s really not pretty.

Penguin Talk Show – this one’s a bummer. I thought I’d see a real penguin, but all I saw was an animated penguin, in which by the way the dubber has bad English pronunciation and has grammar problems. Out of respect, I stayed throughout the show.

Jellies Exhibit – This one’s a beauty and magical. The jellies are on tanks and they are classified according to their kind. The most interesting was the kind, which sticks to the glass.


There were also spherical tanks on the other side. It was so amazing.


Yexel’s Museum – Before I entered this attraction, I thought I’d get bored because I’m not really a fan of action figures and the likes. But then I saw the Iron Throne and Dart Vader. I was instantly amazed. 😀


Trails to Antartica – So I was disappointed with Penguin Talk Show, but here, I was able to see real penguins 🙂 I’m not sure if there was a show because there was some sort of arena when I entered the attraction. But all I did was watch the penguins show their swimming skills.


Before the exit, there’s a little area, which depicts Antartica. It has sledge, snow globe, even improvised snow falling.

All Star Bird Show – It featured mostly parrots because per trainer, they are very intelligent kinds of birds. They also featured the birds from Birds of Prey Kingdom.


If there’s one thing I didn’t like about this show was the attitude of the girl trainer. I think her name’s Sia. She kept on making faces while the show was on-going especially when the audience was not responding to her. It was very hot on a 1PM show. Could be the reason why the audience were not hyped.

Another instance was when an audience tried to catch the bird as it flew above his head, and Sia was like “Don’t do that” and frowned in front of all of us. I don’t think it’s a good practice for her. If they really want to avoid those kinds of act, they should add on their reminders (before the show starts) that audience should refrain from catching the birds without the trainers’ consent. Or something like that. She irritated me that I left the show even before it officially ended.

Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter – Last attraction! This was another creepy but amazing attraction. I got to touch the ray very quickly because I was really scared. While the sharks, oh the sharks, were sleeping 😐


I skipped Symphony Evening Show because it is scheduled at 6:30PM, and I’ve used up all my passes by 1PM. I don’t like to wait so…

How to get there:

I came from Pasig area, and I avoided taking Grab/Uber/Taxi. I took the following:

  • Bus signed Quiapo and alighted Robinson’s Galleria
  • Bus signed Cubao Farmers (ask the driver if they will drop passengers there) and alighted Cubao Farmers
  • LRT2 and alighted Recto Station (last station)
  • LRT1 and alighted United Nations
  • Walk to Manila Ocean Park (about 20 minutes of walking) or take a cab from there

Alternatively (especially if you are not going solo), take Grab/Uber/Taxi. Very convenient.


  • Purchase your ticket before your visit. As mentioned, Metrodeal sells tickets. Aside from what I purchased, there were other deals to choose from. You can check that out. http://www.metrodeal.com/mop
  • Go there early. I, personally, do not like lots of people around especially if I need to line up. However, if you want to watch Symphony Lights show, then you either wait or go there a bit late.
  • Be mindful of each show’s schedule. They have about 4 repeats of each so you can check on the next schedule in case you missed one.
  • I didn’t try and buy food there, only drink because I want to tighten up my budget. So I won’t be able to comment on that. But there are food stalls near the entrance. You won’t go hungry.
  • I took Grab until United Nations LRT station because my feet were sore. I think you’d like to do that as well.

Address: 666, Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila, Metro Manila
Hours: 8AM – 8PM (Monday-Friday), 9AM-8PM (Saturday-Sunday)


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