[DIY/Backpacking] When in Manila

I decided to roam around Manila first before my N out-of-NCR travels starting 2nd week of December 2016. Some have already forgotten about the beauty of Manila no matter how scary some places are (yup).

To be honest, I haven’t roamed around Manila by myself, like, ever. This was my first time. So from Cubao, I rode LRTs (my first time as well) to get to Manila.

Note: Most of my stops were churches, but mind you, I am not religious and/nor Catholic. I just like infrastructures especially if they look unique for me. But I won’t give history of the places. There are other blogs, which already did. And I’m not a huge fan of history as well (most of the time).

My first stop was San Sebastian Church. From Cubao, I rode LRT2 and alighted to Legarda. With the help of Google Maps (as ever very useful), I walked to look for the church.


Address: Plaza Del Carmen, Quiapo, Manila, Metro Manila

I haven’t gotten closer yet to the church, but my heart was pounding hard with excitement when I saw its tips. What made it beautiful for me is its color of light-greenish blue, and its two tips. Pretty cool for me.

Next—Quiapo Church. I rode a tricycle to get there, and I regretted because the driver asked for P50, but I still needed to walk a bit far to get to the church. Sana naglakad na lang ako.


Address: Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo, Manila, Metro Manila

How to put this in a nice way… Okay. So the church is huge, and typical-looking. But what marked in my mind was the situation outside the church. There are lots of vendors literally outside, and it didn’t look pretty. I can barely remember that there was a part in the Bible where Jesus condemned the vendors outside the church saying it’s disrespectful to God selling outside the church, and that’s how I saw the place. I was very careful when taking pictures of it because, well, I think you got the idea.

Additionally, the place is foul-smelling from urine and other not-very-nice-to-your-nose-and-eyes. I immediately left the place because I was really scared.

I walked away and looked for Binondo Church. I really walked. 😀 and it was the longest walk of my trip.


Address: Plaza L.Ruiz, Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

I wasn’t able to see the other side of the church because it was already drizzling when I got there. And I have no umbrella (good job). The church looked like an academy for me for some reason.

Because it was already drizzling, I walked briskly to look for Chinatown, which by the way I’ve already passed by while looking for Binondo Church.


Address: 293 Lachambre St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

I went inside and, as expected, saw lots of Chinese lanterns. I felt like I was in China at that time because almost all the people I saw were Chinese. I wanted to buy something there, but the drizzle was such a killjoy.

This church was not on my list, but I took a photo of it—Santa Cruz Church. Looks like it’s a big church as well, but again, wasn’t able to take a peek because of the drizzle.


Address: Carriedo St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

I walked towards LRT1 station and rode until United Nations station. From there, I looked for Paco Park and Cemetery. They have P10-entrance fee, which I didn’t mind because the place is really well-maintained.


Address: Belen, Paco, Manila, Metro Manila
Hours: 8AM–5PM

There was a wedding currently happening when I visited, and it was just later that night when I saw that I knew someone who attended the wedding. Anyway… 😀

The place was really nice. You can take decent pictures there if you are into taking photos. At that time, there were people who just sit there and, I guess, rested.

From Paco Church, I walked all the way to UP Manila. I wanted to see Oble, but I already toured the place and didn’t find him. Or maybe I was too tired to roam more plus the fact that I don’t like the smell of hospital (UP Manila is situated beside Philippine General Hospital).

Second to the last stop—Robinson’s Manila. Why? Pablo’s Cheesecake!!!!


I was very very very looking forward to buy their cheesecake because, you know, they have matcha 😀 And I do love matcha. I mean I am crazy for it. But boy, the price is just so huhuhuhuh. I bought a whole regular size cheesecake for P699. To be honest, I was expecting they have like cute size cheesecake, but 😥 Anyway… So just to give a quick verdict with their cheesecake, it was overrated (so I’ve heard before but that didn’t stop me from buying) and didn’t taste any special. I mean, it was good—period. Not something I will go back to and buy again. Just being honest, boo.

Well as you see in the photo, I bought Matcha Frappe (I mean it when I say I’m crazy for matcha) in Costa Coffee to rest a bit from all the walkings I did during the day. Also, I was waiting for 5:30PM to catch the sunset by the bay.

Nearly 5:30PM. I walked towards Baywalk and waited for the sunset. Sun was pretty high the time I got there. But what’s worse was that there were too many clouds. I anticipated I won’t be able to see the glorious sunset because of that.

And I really didn’t.


This was the best capture considering the amount of clouds.

From Quiapo to Binondo to Paco to Ermita to Malate. All in one day. Lotsa walking in between and few rides in LRT1 and 2. Too bad there were other places in my list that I was not able to go to. I’ll get to those soon.


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