[DIY/Backpacking] Ilocos Trip – Laoag / Vigan (Day 3)

Read on my introductory blog about Ilocos Trip.

Day 1 – Laoag

Day 2 – Pagudpud

Day 4 – Vigan

I woke at 5AM because I wanted to take morning stroll in Laoag before I leave for Vigan. I also wanted to take pictures of the places I missed the first day because there were many people at that time.

Left the hotel at 5:30AM. The streets were very peaceful at that time so I felt safe the whole morning. So this was my view…


Provincial Capitol


Ilocos Norte Oblation


Tobacco Monopoly Monument (just across the Provincial Capitol)


I walked some more just enjoying the morning cold breeze. After 45 minutes or so, I went back to get ready for my breakfast and Vigan trip.

I maximized my hotel stay since the checkout was not until 12PM, but I left at 9AM because I knew Vigan is such a hot place. I directed to Partas Bus Lines since I already trust their bus lines, paid P129 for Vigan trip (regular airconed bus), and the bus left at 9:30AM.

I arrived in Vigan at 11:30AM and immediately started looking for my supposed hotel. Until I found out that Google Maps failed me during my research and that my hotel is far away from the city center (locals told me when I asked). So I hailed a tricycle to take me to the hotel no matter how disappointed I was with its location. In transit, he suggested that we look for other hotels nearby, and I agreed. He took me to Krystle Manor Hotel.


It looked like manong driver knew the owner. When I asked for the single room, the owner priced it as P1300, but after manong talked to her in Ilokano, she lowered it down to P750. Sweet!

Address: Calle Gen. Luna, Vigan City (walking distance to Calle Crisologo)
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
-Major turnoff: the shower and bathrooms are shared for all the guests. But since I was the only guest at that time (creepy, yes. I had the hotel all by myself), I didn’t mind since the place was cheap
-Another turnoff: the room I got looked like it was not used for a long time because they were dust on the floor, I can’t even walk barefooted
-Room was just about right for single occupancy. There’s a table, chair, and lamp
-Bed is comfortable
-Free use of towel, free 1 shampoo and 1 soap (which I didn’t use)
-Complementary breakfast included
-Staff were extremely nice and helpful that you’ll feel kind to everyone after talking to them

I contracted the tricycle driver, Kuya Greg, to tour me in Vigan for P400. We agreed to start the tour at 3PM so it won’t be that hot already.

After settling in, I just changed clothes and prepared to leave again for lunch and initial tour by myself.

1. Sanitary Restaurant

On the way to Krystle’s, we passed by Sanitary Restaurant so I thought to eat there for lunch. The place looked like a typical karinderia and nothing fancy about its setup.

Kwekeng – P70. It’s a fried pork roll and tastes like kikiam. Suggested by several blogs. And now, I suggest it too because it really is good!


Canton Luzon – P100. Based on the menu, it’s the only pancit that sounded new to me so I gave it a try.

Address: Calle Gen. Luna, Vigan City
Store Hours: (not confirmed)
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
Comments: For its price, I thought that foods will be of small serving, but I was wrong. This pancit is good for 2-3 pax, and I was not even able to finish the half of it. I even tried eating slowly so my digestion can catch up, but I really can’t. I didn’t bother taking it out because I’d start my walking after my lunch. But for P170 I was already bloated! I’d come back especially for Kwekeng.

2. Crisologo Museum

I walked slowly my way to Crisologo Museum after eating. I remembered I’ve already been here during my college field trip in 2008.


Address: A. Reyes St, Vigan City
Operational Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm (with lunchbreak) Monday to Sunday (even holiday)
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
Comments: No entrance fee, donation only

3. Syquia Mansion

This mansion is owned by Elpidio Quirino’s wife and her family (the Syquias). It’s a very beautiful and big mansion.

Address: Quirino Boulevard, Vigan City
Operational Hours: 9AM-5PM including legal holidays, except Tuesdays
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
Comments: Entrace fee of P50 (regular), P40 (student), free (7 years old and below)

4. Hotel Luna

This is really a hotel but people are allowed to peak inside and take pictures.

Address: De Los Reyes St, Vigan City,
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HotelLunaVigan/
Website: http://hotelluna.ph/
Comments: It really is a classy hotel. If I have a budget, I might consider staying here.

While in Hotel Luna, it was about 15 minutes before 3PM so I called Kuya Greg (09268520804) to pick me there.

And off we went…

5. Loom Weaving in Caoayan

We went here first because it will close at 5PM. While watching the weavers, I was just so amazed of their skills because it really takes patience and discipline to finish such. We were told as well that SM malls are also ordering to them.

Address: Caoayan, Ilocos Sur
Operational Hours: 9AM – 5PM
Comments: No entrace fee. There are finished products nearby where you can buy. I bought one and it looked very durable.


6. Baluarte

It’s my second time as well to visit here. The place looked unchanged since then, but the arrangement of the animals differs already. If you are not aware, this is owned by Chavit Singson.

Address: Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Operational Hours: 7AM – 6PM
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
Comments: No entrance fee. But there is a newly built gallery, which asks donation.

The gallery was not yet built the first time I visited there, and I think the animals above were not there too at that time (or at least I didn’t see them).

7. Hidden Garden – Lilong and Lilang Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Address: Katipunan St, Vigan City
Operational Hours: 6AM – 7PM
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hiddengardenvigan
Website: http://hiddengardenvigan.com.ph/
Comments: They only not sell plants, but they also have restaurant/coffee shop where you can eat. I did not try because I was still full from Sanitary

8. Pagburnayan (Pottery)

Address: Liberation Blvd, Vigan City
Operational Hours: (not confirmed)
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
Comments: Free admission, but asks for donation. You can also buy shirts there since my tour guide said it’s cheaper there than in Calle Crisologo.

The mud comes from rice fields. It needed one week to dry before it is cooked in pugon. Long process indeed. You can also try molding the mud yourself. There are wash areas after you try, don’t worry.


9. Bantay Bell Tower

Address: Bantay, Ilocos Sur
Operational Hours: 6AM – 6PM
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
-Free admission, but asks for donation.
-At the back of the church, a smaller, open-aired shrine is located. Walk a few more steps and you’d fine Apo Caridad’s Art Loft
-Try Flowerscents Garden Cafe for their Batil Patong. I was not able to do so because I was still full. Sanitary, what did you do to me? :\

Bantay Church15369918_1225525400830173_7979363983285968374_o

Bell Tower from outside

And of course, the bell. It was a steep ladder on the way up.15326183_1225526954163351_7348557031869925_o

That ended my tricy-tour with Kuya Greg so he took me back already to Krystle’s. Kuya Greg is so nice that I have already recommended him to my friend who visited Vigan last December 26. He said he was surprised that I have recommended him. Well, goodness pay off.

I took bath and prepared for dinner and tonight’s light show at 7:30PM. And off I went again.

10. Café Leona

Address: Crisologo, Vigan City
Operational Hours: 10AM – 10PM
Facebook Page: (not confirmed)
Website: (not confirmed)
-Dining outside is better since the place is along Calle Crisologo
-Ambience inside is rustic, but nice
-They offer wine, which is P100/glass. So nice.


Look how tall the wine serving 🙂 The place was a little bit crowded at that time so it took a while before I got my order. I guess it has always been crowded there due to nice food. By the way, I ordered the famous Vigan Longganisa. And yes, it’s delish!

11. St. Paul Metropolitan (across Plaza Salcedo)


12. Lights and Sounds Fountain Show

Located at Plaza Salcedo
Schedules: 7:30pm everyday and 8:00pm every weekends
-It’s a 30-minute show.
-Avoid the area in front of the church. The fountains will activate during show, and you will get wet. See those lighted floor on the picture above? That’s it.
-Try to get there as early as 7PM so you can get a nice spot.


I got bored after 15 minutes but I stayed until the 20th minute then left.

13. Coffee Break Vigan

I wanted to take pictures along Calle Crisologo but there were many people after the show. So I looked for a coffee shop where I can stay a bit until the people thinned. Found this place along Calle Crisologo. I found out that there are several branches of this in Vigan.


I ordered cookies and cream frappe because unfortunately, this was all left for the night. Well, it tasted nice for P120 price. Not bad.

When I felt sleepy already, I left and decided to just wake up early the next day to take pictures.


Read on my introductory blog about Ilocos Trip.

Day 1 – Laoag

Day 2 – Pagudpud

Day 4 – Vigan

Feel free to ask me things about the trip as there were details I might not have mentioned but you wanted to know.


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