[DIY/Backpacking] Ilocos Trip – Pagudpud (Day 2)

Read on my introductory blog about Ilocos Trip.

Day 1 – Laoag

Day 3 – Laoag/Vigan

Day 4 – Vigan

I initially planned to leave at 6AM to maximize my day, but the breakfast starts at 7AM and I don’t want to shoo away a freebie. While waiting for 7AM, I once again read blogs about Pagudpud to look for possible tour guides (learning from my experience on overpriced tour yesterday). So I found Migz Hernandez’s blog and found his long-time contact Kuya Jayson.

I contacted Kuya Jayson and he gave me North- and South-bound tours for P1000 (originally P1200) since I mentioned I’d be doing solo trip (I was just so lucky!). He referred me to his bayaw, Kuya Richard, because Kuya Jayson was in MNL at that time.

Initial contact: Jayson (09053033915)
My tour guide: Richard (09068241835)

After eating my breakfast, I left for Pagudpud walking my way to Pagudpud Bus Lines.

Location: At the back of Museo Vivo de Ilocos.
Type: Ordinary bus
Fare: P70
Travel time: 2 hours
Tips: If you want airconed bus, look for GMW just walking distance from Pagudpud Bus Lines. Although I suggest that you take ordinary in order to feel/smell the province life. Travel was not hot so it’s okay to take ordinary bus.

Before and during travel, Kuya Jayson and Kuya Richard were both checking up on me, and I found it not irritating but concerned. The moment I stepped off of the bus, Kuya Richard approached me (since I described what I was wearing).

And we immediately started the tour.

Tip: Please get ready for a very rough road experience. Bring water, towel, and be protected from sun using sunblock. Wear light clothing and rubber shoes if you can.

Below were my destinations (note there won’t be histories involved):


1. Saud Beach

Starting with this beach made me anticipate on an overwhelming trip for the day. It was such a majestic view! The beach looks way way better than Boracay, and I enjoy looking at it more since there was no one bathing at that time. I’d go back to swim here for sure.15393015_1224528280929885_8498271827471400436_o15440565_1224529927596387_4716787023597766071_o

2. Batanes Spot

Not so far from Saud Beach is Batanes Spot. They called it like this because, per Kuya Richard, it overlooks Batanes. However, since it’s too cloudy that day, I was not able to see Batanes.



3. Kabigan Falls

I think going here was the longest travel of the day. When we arrived, I paid P110 entrance fee because there’d be a tour guide on the way to the falls.

Tip: If you do not like trekking, then skip this one. There’s no other way up but to trek for 30 minutes. The road was pretty linear, not much upwards nor downwards. Very friendly trek especially to those who do not trek. Best time to come is 11am-12nn. You can pack your lunch before the trek. Bring swimwear.

Here’s what I’ve passed by while trekking.


And finally, here’s the Kabigan Falls.


There were three people who were about to leave when I arrived. They took a plunge of the cold water judging with their wet hairs, which I was ready about but lazy to do. So I skipped it and just enjoyed the view.

I didn’t stay long because I have a tight schedule so after 15 minutes, I called for my tour guide that I was ready to leave already. On the way down, we were able to catch up with the three people I saw earlier, and they were surprised how short my stay in Kabigan Falls was. Funny, I reached the end of the road before they did.

I gave my tour guide P50 tip before completely leaving, and thanked her for accompanying me.

4. Patapat Viaduct

I’ve always wanted to reach this bridge because I feel like it’s one of Pagudpud’s highlights. Vehicles on that bridge were not that many so I was able to sit and Kuya Richard took a photo of me. After like 20 seconds, here came a vehicle so I hustled standing up.


5. Paraiso ni Anton

It’s literally just these for this spot. Its water was believed to have healing powers so people take a sip of it.



6. Agua Grande

This is a picnic area like Picnic Grove in Tagaytay. You need to pay P25 for entrance fee, but since I was just there to take picture (and since there was no one there, literally), I didn’t pay anything. It is an eco-friendly, non-carbon-producing mini-hydro-electric-power plant, by the way.


7. Timmangtang Rock

I read that it was bell-shaped rock and that you can hike from the shoreline to it during low tide.


8. Bantay Abot Cave

From Timmangtang Rock, you can see Bantay Abot Cave. It shaped like a turtle, and the hole serves as the turtle’s eye.


Here’s the close-up view of the hole. It was believed that Timmangtang Rock and Bantay Abot Cave are lovers, male and female respectively, that’s why they were called the Lover’s Rock.


9. Blue Lagoon

From afar, it looked like Saud Beach / Boracay, but looking at it closely, Saud Beach looks better at least for me. I saw a zipline and I think that’s from Hannah’s Resort.


10. Dos Hermanos Islands

During low tide, people can walk towards the twin islands as there are visible paths to walk into. But I visited during high tide, so I was not able to check on it.


This concluded my North-bound tour. It was already past 2PM so I asked Kuya Richard to take me to any karinderia so we can eat lunch together. Upon arriving on the karinderia, he said he’ll just eat on his house so he can also get his tricycle’s cover (trapal) as it was about to rain already.

When he arrived back, it was indeed raining already. Bummer…


11. Pagudpud Signs



12. Bangui Windmills

Ugh. The rain was so KJ, I was not able to go nearer the windmills. The winds were literally pushing me considering my weight :\ It’s sad because I’ve always looked forward to take a nice picture with the windmills.


13. Bangui View Deck

Even on the view deck, it still obscured the windmills 😦


14. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

When we arrived in Burgos, I had to be transferred to another tricycle due to territory reasons (this is for Kapurpurawan and Cape Bojeador), thus, I needed to pay a separate tricy-tour fee. To Kapurpurawan, it costs P200.

On the entrance, you have a choice if you want to ride a horse along with your tour for P150 only. I chose walking instead.



Though I was not able to take a nice picture with Bangui Windmills, I was able to do so with Burgos Windmills.

Trivia: Bangui has 20 windmills, Pagudpud has 30 windmills, and Burgos has 35 windmills.

15. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Tour costs P100. Despite the scary stories about this place, I still chose to visit the place because what the hell. Luckily, only one couple was there when I arrived. The museum was also closed so I had nothing to do but take pictures of the place.



16. Solar Power Plant

When I mentioned to my tour guide how fascinated I was with the windmills’ use, he said that they even got Solar Power Plant nearby and offered me to take there. Of course, I said yes.


It was amazing to see these lots of solar panels. Imagine how much electricity it can provide for Ilocos.

That ended my South-bound tour. My tour guide dropped me off where I was transferred. I told Kuya Richard, who waited for me, that I need to catch a bus back to Laoag. He said that buses pass by on that place so we can just wait there. I wanted to catch an airconed one being so sweaty and all, but ordinary bus passed by first so I took it already. I bid goodbye to Kuya Richard and my Burgos tour guide, and thanked them for such a wonderful experience. While in transit, I also thanked Kuya Jayson and promised him that I will recommend both of them to friends who will visit Pagudpud. And I already did recommend them when a friend went to Ilocos last December 26.


Read on my introductory blog about Ilocos Trip.

Day 1 – Laoag

Day 3 – Laoag/Vigan

Day 4 – Vigan

Feel free to ask me things about the trip as there were details I might not have mentioned but you wanted to know.


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