Depends who among my ex that would be. I can think of a few whom I might just shrug it off.

But the general reaction might be “What the actual fuck?”

Hey, I would be surprised, all right. One, because I used to kiss that guy. Maybe even sleep with him. And then he now likes to kiss another guy and maybe even sleep with another guy? Two, it’s a kick in my ego. I used to be part of his life. We used to be happy and everything. Wasn’t our happiness (including other of his girl exes) enough for him to stay straight?

Maybe, for the second one, he got so disappointed with the relationships with women that he decided to try other dish.

Or peer pressure.

Or he is really gay to begin with.

In any case, I would want to know the reason why he became gay. Not mandatory, but it would just be nice if I would know why.

I don’t have any problems with gay people. I have friends who are gay and I love them like a family.

And come to think of it? Do I have any ex who could be potentially gay? I can only think of one person, but. Well. He could be. But not yet 😀