REVIEW: The Fate of the Furious

I am not that fan of cars. In fact, I don’t even know how see from its facade that it’s a good car let alone drive it.

But I like Fast and Furious series. Out of curiosity, I marathoned the series way back 2013 just to catch up on then’s latest installment, FF6. Since then, I became a fan.

So this latest movie, The Fate of the Furious, it exceeded my expectations.

At the beginning of the movie, I was thrilled that the old-school street race was back! It reminded me of the earlier installments when there’s not much drama involved and more of racing.

Charlize Theron, well… Can I just say how effective she is as an antagonist even on her other movies? She added more color to the movie, dark hues to be specific. I have always been a fan of Charlize since Sweet November, and she really is a very versatile actress doing one role to another. I kinda peg her as another Angelina Jolie, but, I don’t know. They’re both great though. And hot.

So yeah, when Cipher appeared, I thought “Whoah, her hair is so nice I missed my long hair.” I might want to try that when mine’s long enough. Then her blackmailing began. It was very dark how she delivered it; in a hushed, low, and seducing kind of way. The way that would really send shivers down to your spine, as how they call it.

I don’t understand though why Dom didn’t just say it to Lety about the blackmailing stuff. I guess that will defeat the fun and mystery of the story.

Oh, what about the part when Hobbs broke his cuffs when he got annoyed with Little Nobody? I thought it was amazing when he broke it, yes? To be honest, while watching Hobbs work out inside his cell, I was thinking to myself… What would happen to Dwayne’s body when he grows old? I doubt it would stay like that, massive and firm. It scared the shit out of me as well when rubber bullets were no match to Hobbs. I mean, what the fuck?! He could kill anybody with just his arms, you know?

Then suddenly, a twist in the situation. It was a smooth alibi connecting the Shaw brothers to Cipher, who is being chased by Hobbs’ team. I thought the writer really did a good job on this plot.

And Rhodes? Ugh. I got more excited about seeing another familiar face (yeah, I’m also a fan of Game of Thrones). Although his role was only small, it still got me giggly.

I went all emotional while Cipher’s controlling Dom and for killing Elena. Elena, I really liked her fierceness and accent. Now, she’s out of the series. Too bad.

I also did like the change of personality of Deckard. Come on, of course his humor is so nice and fresh. That’s a really good addition for the next installments.

And the battle of hacking skills? Are there really skills like of Ramsey and Cipher? Amazing but horrifying.

In general, I thought that the series would be some kind of just-to-have-another-movie-to-release kinda story. But to my delight, it’s not. The series progresses in a rich way that every after movie, you’d wish that there’d be post-credits.

If you’re not fan of cars, no problem. The movie tackles other stuff such as family, camaraderie, teamwork, and unexpected matters. I highly recommend this series to anyone, really.


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