Paramore: After Laughter (2017)

Paramore’s After Laughter (2017) Album for me is a dark album full of sadness. It speaks about unspoken reality about human’s weaknesses and life being full of hardships. It’s kind of contrasting with its upbeat rhythm, but you’ll feel it really when you internalize the lines.

The way I describe it makes it look like a very negative piece of work. I think not. It describes unacknowledged pains of human, and I think it’s wonderful to be aware of such things.

And yes. It has a very different sound compared to the rest of their albums, quite close with their self-titled, but still outstandingly different.

Here’s what I think about each track:

Hard Times – Many times, things get out of hand and we almost give up along the way. Life is full of different shits we don’t even know why we keep on living it. Sometimes, it surprises us how we can even outdo these challenges.
“Gonna make you wonder why you even try… And I still don’t know how I even survive…”

Rose-colored Boy – Rose-colored is an idiomatic expression about being optimistic. This song embraces the fact that we need to undergo sadness/being hurt. We need to feel it and linger on it for quite sometime. Yeah, I know being positive is important. But I think, accepting our defeat or pain is important too, and allow us to get it over through time.
“Just let me cry a little bit longer. I ain’t gon’ smile if I don’t want to”

Told You So – We are all humans, and we are bound to make mistakes. Other people love to be condescending and make others feel that. So this song is for all the fucking conceited people who also make mistake for all I know.
“But they love to say they told me so”

Forgiveness – There are things, which take time or is no longer available.
“And you, you want forgiveness. But I, I just can’t do it yet… (I’m afraid that I’ll have nothing left)”

Fake Happy – Personal favorite because I think I am well guilty about this. We all have masks worn one way or another. I don’t think there’s not a single person in this world who has been so truthful nor absolute about his way of living life. There’d be at least one chance. Why do we fake happy? I fake happy because I don’t want people to worry about me, nor I don’t want them to ask more questions. I fake happy because I want to believe that I am happy. I sometimes tell myself what to believe in, then I’ll believe it.
“If I smile with my teeth, bet you believe me. If I smile with my teeth, I think I believe me.”

26 – I don’t know yet why it was titled as 26. But the feeling it gave me is alike to Rose-colored Boy. Let one feel the hurt inside. Sometimes, it’s all what to do with the situation.
“When all the rest of you has died, so let it break your heart.”

Pool – It’s about second chances, and being willing to get hurt by someone you love in the hopes that they’ll no longer hurt us for the second time around.
“If you’re really sorry, happy second chance, I think I could forgive. This time you won’t leave me sinking.”

Grudges – It’s a relationship, which went on long pause for some unknown reason/s. Sometimes, there’s no definite reason or we just can’t identify why there’s a need for pause. But what’s important is to readily pick it up from where you’ve left it off, and accept everything with open arms. No time for blaming and pointing fingers. Just admit you missed each other.
“Stop asking why, why we had to waste so much time. Well, we just pick up, pick up and start again. ‘Cause we can’t keep holding on to grudges.”

I dedicate this to my friends 🙂 Friendships undergo troubles too.

Caught in the Middle – Oh. Mid-life crisis, I guess? There’d be point in life when you don’t know what to do, where to go to, what now? You wanna keep on moving but you just don’t know how. Yeah, I feel you taps my own back
“I try to keep going but it’s not that simple.”

Idle Worship – We are capable to disappoint people because they won’t be able to depend on us because we have something on our plate as well. In turn, it indirectly tells us that let’s not depend on other people too, and end up getting disappointed.
“We all got problems, don’t we?… Don’t let me let you down… I’m not your superhuman. And if that’s what you want I hate to let you down…”

No Friend – Bitch, I don’t know. Can’t listen to the lyrics clearly. It’s more an interlude for me.

Tell Me How – Loving a person over and over again like it’s always a first time, but it’s like it’s going nowhere and it just confuses like “What’s the real score now?” But despite all the confusions, the person is still willing to do it all over again no matter how many times.
“Think I’m tired of getting over it, just starting something new again. I’m getting sick of the beginnings… You don’t have to tell me. I can still believe”

Regarding the album’s title, Williams states “After Laughter is about the look on people’s faces when they’re done laughing. If you watch somebody long enough, there’s always this look that comes across their face when they’re done smiling, and I always find it really fascinating to wonder what it is that brought them back to reality. So, that’s what After Laughter is.” —source



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