Realizations when watching Cardcaptor Sakura Anime

I had a very faint memory of when I first watched Cardcaptor Sakura during my younger years.  “It’s a very nice anime,” is the only line I could say whenever Cardcaptor Sakura is brought up on a conversation. I guess what it left me is happiness.

So I decided to watch again the 70-episode, and I knew that I would appreciate/understand/remember better for the second time whatever it really is about.

I must say, there are few things, which marked my mind and made me emotional each time as well…

High school / Elementary feeling – well since the anime mostly involved kids, the thinking and actions are mostly light. It brings me back to the days when I was younger; when school, friends, and home are just the things that keep me busy; when your heart rate increases whenever your crush is around; when everything is still so naive… I kinda wanted to go back and forget my problems at my current age. The anime gave that feeling back to me. And it was so wonderful.

Well-rounded students – is it just me or Japanese schooling is really so jam-packed that they were able to fit baking, cooking, sewing, sports, instrument-playing, strawberry-picking, skiing, and others above the regular curriculum? I somehow envy them. I wish at an early age,  I was able to learn the everyday chores of life. Come to think of it. It’s very practical to teach these to children because this is what life really is about. Of course, the regular curriculum are (somewhat) important as well. But it’s important to put household chores, too.

Manners – I don’t know how applicable this is with the real Japanese life, but watching this anime (and perhaps along with the other anime I’ve watched) makes me glorify their manners on everything—their honorifics, in eating, towards their friends, older people, younger than they are… They’re just so respectful and well-bred.

I wish I was sporty – so cool to be able to do all kind of sports, be fit, be unafraid to hold a ball, and be able to join anyone who is playing. When I was in Elementary, I used to try and do some dribbling and shootings. I even joined in Intramural to play volleyball. And my career in sports ended when a ball hit my face. Since then, I stopped being so eager in doing sports. But I did dancing instead, and I’ve been trying to run at least twice a week. So I guess that’ll do it for now.

Best friend – Tomoyo is the epitome of a best friend. She is always there for Sakura, adores her, cheers her up, and even dresses her up. When I was still young, I had best friends on different phases of my life. But the friendships were shallow and didn’t involve genuine care for each other so it died on its own. There’s a part of me wishing I had a long-time best friend, but there were so much that happened in my life that even I had a hard time keeping up with the pace. As of writing, there’s two people I can think of at the top of my head who I consider my best mates. I still have a very strong relationship with one of them (my perception only), but the other one I think we’re drifting/we’ve drifted apart. Although I really like Tomoyo’s personality, I don’t think she’ll be able to keep up with me being an overly outspoken, detail-freak, and hot-tempered person that I am.


Tomoyo’s life is superb – if there’s one life I wanted to have being inside the story, it’s Tomoyo’s. I mean, boy, she’s got everything. She is rich, kind, with great video-editing skills, great voice too! And her hair is so nice. I’ve always liked having a long, thick hair. But overall, it’s kind of ironic because she is very down-to-earth (well, there’s a stereotype about rich kids looking down on poor/average people).

Positivity of Tomoyo and Yukito – there’d be always at least one person you’ll encounter who has rose-colored view in life. And Tomoyo and Yukito are two of which in this series. I can’t remember any single episode that they’ve said anything bad about anything. They are so positive that they make people motivated to go on. I personally do not have that utterly niceness in me. If I feel sulking, I’ll let myself and feel the pain until I’ve had enough. Then I’ll move forward. Tomoyo and Yukito give the feeling of ‘everything will be alright, just look into the brighter side’. People need it every now and then, and I bet they served Sakura well.

Toya as brother – Let’s just admit it. Toya is a typical kind of brother with sister complex (as how Yukito would phrase it). He’d always look after Sakura in just every way possible. He knows how to do chores (well, who does not in Japan? I mean, come on) too. And he is handsome (right?). I have a brother, but we’re not that bonded. I grew up not knowing him well, most probably because he’s out working at an early age. We have always been aloft to each other. I guess we just started being closed when he flew to South Korea to work (as ironic as it sounds). Being sensible that I am, I wanted to make him feel he’s not that far from us and we’re here for him so I constantly talk to him via chat. That started our siblings relationship I guess. And I also visited him twice there, which helped too. I’ve always wanted someone to look after me just like how a brother would be doing. I ended up looking after everyone else, just like how I wanted to be looked after to. Sometimes, you wanted to show other people how you wanted to be treated because you don’t want them to feel the loneliness you feel of not being treated the way you wanted/hoped.

Fujitaka as father – the episode that really marked my whole being and made me crying to sleep is Fujitaka’s episode. Aside from being a well-rounded single parent and a great professor, he is also a very kind father; the kind who would not lift a hand to his kids and say unsympathetic things even after Sakura broke his laptop the night before his big presentation. Seriously, is there still a father like that anywhere? Is there even a father like that to begin with? My father is a man of few words, but he is no saint. When he is angry, you might not hear anything about it, but you’d feel it from him. But I think my father’s doing it fine. I mean to be honest I do not know any parent  like Fujitaka who is super kind. And I know if ever I become a parent, I would never be like that too. It’s just so heart-warming to at least even imagine for a while that kind of parent.

People are horribly sensible – people in the series just keep on checking up with one another, showing so much care for each other, that I can’t remember a character who is numb/insensitive about things. There’d always be a chance to let the real feelings out whether it is sadness, love, problem, and all other sort of truth. Again, it’s so nice to at least have a brief experience of this knowing that this is not happening in the real world.

Not because people challenge you does it mean they are your opponents – Eriol did an amazing job in bringing out Sakura’s best when it comes to resolving current predicament. He was able to come up with problems that would enable Sakura to use the unchanged Clow cards to Sakura cards. And Eriol is not really Sakura’s enemy to begin with. He is a tool to sharpen Sakura’s skills. In reality, there’d be people who would want you to do beyond what you currently can because they believe you can. I honestly think I do this to other people not because I am their enemy, but because I know they can still improve.

Brought out all my emotions – boy, I can’t even begin what kind of emotion I wanted to specify. I guess the easiest way is to admit that I’ve felt vulnerability with my feelings. I have laughed my ass off, got angry, cried pales of tears, felt so in love. I’ve felt so alive because of this series.

The series was brave enough to show same-sex favor–  Living in this generation, one can easily tell if someone is gay. So watching this series made me believe that Tomoyo felt a romantic feelings for Sakura. And so is Yukito towards Toya and vice versa. It was subtle but brave thinking that the target audience of the series are kids. I don’t know how Japanese’s take with same-sex relationship, but they sure are in favor of it based on the series.

Kids, kids-at-heart… I mean, anyone could watch this series. It is safe and enjoyable. And evidently, there are lots of learning to get from watching it. I would love to re-watch this, but I am more eager for the upcoming sequel this 2017 (can you believe it?! A sequel, OMG).


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