[DIY/Backpacking] Mt. Samat, Bataan

My visit to Mt. Samat was way long overdue. I think even before Mt. Maculot, I’ve already planned going here. But Bataan is quite far from where I live that’s why it keeps on getting pushed back.

So finally…

4:15AM – left the house. To Alabang. If you wanted to make it to Bataan earlier, then leave earlier. As to me, I have no choice because the first trip going to Alabang leaves at 4:15AM.
5:00AM – arrival to Alabang. I actually need to get to Genesis Bus Terminal in Pasay, but at that time, there was no direct bus yet going to Pasay so I made a detour. I rode any bus, which can drop me off to Pasay Road, the stop before Ayala). Fare is P37.
5:20AM – arrival to Pasay Road. I crossed the other side of EDSA to ride another bus going to Pasay. Fare P12
5:30AM – arrival to Pasay. Ate first a quick breakfast because the travel would be long. So make sure you do, too.

When I was finished, I hurried to Genesis to get a good seat. Going to Mt. Samat, one needs to ride Balanga-bound bus. But there’s no bus yet so we still waited.

6:30AM – Off to Balanga. Tell the conductor to drop you off to Balanga Station. Fare is P210.

I constantly check my Google Maps to know if I would arrive soon. It told me that from Manila, Balanga is just roughly 2-hour drive. But since we passed by EDSA and there were many stopovers, the travel time bloated to 4 hours.

10:40AM – arrival to Balanga. From here, you can ride either jeep (Cabog-Cabog-bound) or mini bus (Morong- or Bagac-bound). Natives said the interval of bus/jeep arrival is about 1 hour. So you can ride whichever comes first. I rode the latter. Tell the driver to drop you off to Mt. Samat jumpoff. Fare is P15.

11:00AM – arrival at Mt. Samat jumpoff.  For those who are not fans of trekking, there is an option to ride tricycle up to Mt. Samat, which will take about 15 minutes. Fare is P100 per way. As for me, my goal is to follow my Mt. Maculot trekking so I opted walking instead.  I just bought a liter of water then I immediately started my trek.

From the jumpoff to Mt. Samat, distance is 8 kilometers. Trekking is fairly easy being the path is paved. The challenge it would give you is the zigzagging, uphill walks plus the sun’s heat if you would trek in the middle of the day like I did. During my trek, I only passed by one group of kids trekking too. The rest just rode tricycle instead. Several drivers passing were trying to discourage me and advised me to take tricycle instead as I still have a long way to go. But I didn’t get swayed until I reached the top.

12:45PM –  Arrival at Mt. Samat. Oh, well, you know. It was still hard for me to walk continuously on an uphill road so it took me time. Entrance is P30. I confirmed from the entrance that the elevator going to the top of the cross is still closed with no target date of completion to declare. It’s unfortunate though. I am not a fan of heights, but it’ll be awesome to still have it tried.




If you wanted to get to the cross, you need to climb several steps to reach there. It’s where the souvenir stores and food stalls are too. If you bought or brought food, there are cottages where you can sit and eat your food.






The view is exhilarating and calming at the same time. The greens of mountains, trees and bushes filled my hungry eyes as the uphill wind brushed through my skin. I could stay there and watch the sunset as I want, but I still have a long way to go to get home.

3:00PM  – I started my descent. I had an option to ride a tricycle and I almost took it because I was so tired from my ascend. But I still decided to walk instead.

4:05PM – Arrival to jumpoff. Yes! I made it in 1 hour. I had no stopovers and just walked down continuously.

4:15PM – I was so eager to get home already that I couldn’t wait any longer for either a mini-bus or jeep to pass by. So I hired a tricycle to take me to the highway. Fare is P50.

From highway, there are already bus going back to Cubao. One bus passed by, but it was full. So the natives advised that I go to Balanga Bus Station instead. Fare is P12.

5:30PM –  Departure of Cubao-bound bus. Fare is P200

8:30PM – Arrival to Cubao.

4:15 Jeep to Alabang PHP 33.00
05:00 Bus to Pasay Road. PHP 37.00
05:20 Bus to Pasay PHP 12.00
06:30 Bus to Balanga, Bataan PHP 210.00
10:40 Mini-bus to Mt. Samat jump off PHP 15.00
11:00 Arrival to Mt. Samat jump off. Start of trek.
12:45 Arrival to Mt. Samat
15:00 Start of descent
16:05 Arrival to Mt. Samat jump off
16:15 Tricycle to highway PHP 50.00
16:30 Bus to Balanga Bus station PHP 12.00
17:30 Bus to Cubao PHP 200.00
Miscellaneous expense PHP 200.00
 TOTAL PHP 769.00

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