[DIY/Backpacking] Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island

I have been craving for a nearby Vitamin Sea where I can quietly spend my weekend and gather my thoughts. It has been a crazy road I must say so a getaway is a must.

When I found Masasa Beach, I was hesitant at first as I need to cross sea to get to the island. I’m thalassophobic. But hell. What is life without challenges?

4:15AM – left the house. To Alabang. If you wanted to make it to Batangas earlier, then leave earlier. As to me, I have no choice because the first trip going to Alabang leaves at 4:15AM.

5:00AM – arrival to South Station Alabang. Ride bus bound to Batangas City. Tell the conductor to drop you off to Grand Terminal. Fare is P127.

5:28AM – departure from South Station Alabang to Batangas City.

8:00AM – arrival in Grand Terminal. Ride jeep bound to Anilao Port. Fare is P37.

9:00AM – arrival in Anilao Port. Before you step into the boat, you need to register your name first and pay P38 for environmental fee.

Option 1: Ride the boat bound to Tingloy Port. This is the common and cheapest option since the fare is only P80 and that the boats easily fill up. Travel time is around 1 hour. First trip is usually 10:00AM, but boats leave as early as 7:00AM as long as the boats are filled with enough passengers. From Tingloy port, ride a tricycle to your homestay (if you have any) or to the start of the hiking trail to Masasa Beach (about 10-20 minutes).
Option 2: Ride the boat directly bound to Masasa Beach. Boats are fewer and arrival to Anilao Port is uncertain. Advantage is you don’t need to ride tricycle and hike to get to the beach as the boat will drop you off directly to the shore. Fare is P100.

As for me, I took Option 1 as this was what’s available at that time. I also didn’t have the luxury of time to spare.

9:45AM – left Anilao Port to Tingloy Port.

10:30AM – arrival to Tingloy Port. As mentioned, there’s a need to ride tricycle to get near the beach. You may opt to walk as well. But I didn’t choose to because the sun was up high and that I was time-constraint. So I rode the tricycle. Fare is P60 (special).

Get ready for a quite bumpy road. Thankfully, it was quite short. Tricycle will drop you off approximately 250 – 300 meters away from the Beach. Vehicles can’t pass beyond that point so 10-20-minute hike is required.


Two minutes passed the starting point, there I saw the beach. I didn’t mind the walking despite the waving sun rays because I passed by beautiful rice fields. Unfortunately, they were barn at that time. But it’s still okay for me.


As I walked pass these coconut trees, I finally saw the beach and its beautiful sand, not very fine but still beautiful.


10:45AM – arrival to Nanay Rosie’s home stay located at the far right corner of the beach.

Where to Stay:

  • Tent. You can pitch your own tent or rent one for P150. However, news tells that camping no longer allowed beyond 7PM due to recent incident. Thus, it is recommended to stay in transient homes. Rates usually start at P150-300/person.
  • Rent a space.
    • Nanay Rosie’s kubo – I stayed here and I believe hers is the most famous home stay being right in front of the beach. You can also ask her to cook for you for a fee.
    • Carmen and Ruben Mandanas Homestay

What to do:

  • Beach bumming
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Island hopping
  • Hiking (Magasawang Bato) – safe for beginners. Can take up to two hours of trekking
  • Camping

As for me, I just beach bummed, visited the famous Lagoon, read a book, and enjoyed the solitude. Lucky for me, there were very few people during my visit so I really enjoyed the island.


The Lagoon.


Enjoying my seat in front and above of the sea while the sea breeze brush my face.


I brought a book with me and read it while lying on the hammock. It felt so refreshing.


I also did not miss the chance to catch the sunset. It was very beautiful watching the sun disappear from the horizon.

I spent the night stargazing. The last time I did was during college on Freedom Park, UPLB.

Then I was off to bed at 9:00PM. Early because I didn’t want to be caught off guard when electricity cut off by 10:00PM. And besides, I wanted to catch the sunrise.


And yes, I didn’t miss the sunrise, too. I got up at 5:00AM and readied myself to catch the sun.

I spent my remaining hours finishing my book on the same spot where the hammock is, overlooking the sea.

With a heavy heart, I left the island at 9:30AM as I have a long ride home.

Masasa Beach is truly amazing and worth the visit. It is not that well-maintained yet and commercialized, but it is still great as it is. Good for soul searching.


  1. Make sure to plan your time well. First trip  of boats bound to Tingloy  is usually 10:00AM, but they leave as early as 7:00AM as long as they are filled with enough passengers. Last trip is usually up to 4:00PM although boats are still willing to sail even after 4:00PM if there are still many passengers. Vice versa.
  2. It is recommended that you buy your supplies before riding the boat bound to Tingloy. There are sari-sari stores in the island, but items are pricey.
  3. There are no restaurants or eateries.
  4. All mobile networks are intermittent.
  5. Electricity is cut off at 10:00PM and resumes at 12PM the following day. Make sure you have power banks ready.
  6. Do not trash the island. Dispose your garbage properly.


Time Expense
04:15 Jeep to Alabang PHP 33.00
05:00 Arrival to South Station Alabang
05:28 Alabang to Batangas Grand Terminal PHP 127.00
08:00 Terminal to Anilao Port PHP 37.00
09:00 Arrival to Anilao Port
09:45 Anilao Port to Tingloy Port PHP 80.00
environmental fee PHP 38.00
10:30 Arrival to Tingloy Port
Tricycle to Masasa Beach PHP 60.00
10:54 Arrival to Nanay Rosie’s Homestay PHP 300.00
The following day
09:30 Left Masasa Beach
11:00 Arrival to Anilao Port PHP 80.00
12:00 Arrival to Grand Terminal PHP 37.00
15:00 Arrival to Alabang PHP 127.00
Miscellaneous expense PHP 300.00
 TOTAL PHP 1,219.00

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