Hidden Desire: Death Note

Death Note is Japanese manga turned Anime, and I think one of with the most unique plots. I watched this first during college on a DVD (how old school, right?), and re-watched it just recently.

I basically just wanted to talk about the characters and why they struck me.

First of all, Light Yagami is so handsome and intelligent. He is career-driven and responsible student/son. Maximizing his intelligence, he took advantage of Death Note to make an ideal world, his ideal world. But his methods and manipulation make me cringe so many times. Killing many people just to achieve his ultimate goal. I wonder what happened to Naomi Misora? Guess we’ll never know.


To be honest, I also wanted what Light wanted for this world—crimeless and peaceful. Who would not want it? But no matter how it looks like he is an ideal boyfriend for me being tall, good-looking, and smart, I would still not want to get involved with him. And I don’t think he would mind being friendless and love-lifeless. He’s kinda type of person who doesn’t mind being alone. But with his schemes, I would most likely be fooled as well.



Ryuk gives me little creeps with the way he looks physically. If I’d see him for the first time, I’d prolly freak out and piss my pants. Well, he is a shinigami so his looks justified it. Ryuk neither helps nor gets in the way of things. In fact, he just so fond of how things would be that he just watches and make an amusement out of it. From time to time, he follows Light’s order without the comprehension of Light’s end goal (so there’s no bias).




I never liked in as much as I’d liked Light. Yeah, I know L is the antagonist but with the desire to correct how things are, but everything about him is so weird that I didn’t grow the liking for him. Well, he is a genius too just like Light. I must say I felt really bad when he died all of a sudden. I guess the writer was brave enough to risk one of the main characters in order to stir emotions out of the readers/viewers. And it sure did stir my being. I thought that until the end, he would be the one to defeat Light.






Misa Amane is stupid. She’s smart at some point, but most of the time, she is stupid. I guess that’s because she loves Light so much that she became so desperate to make him fall for her. Thus, her stupidity. She irritates me and I thought that she’s a burden. But she’s cute.





I included Soichiro Yagami for his undying passion to solve the mystery behind Kira’s crimes to the point of dying. He is a role model to his team and a good father to his family. It’s heartwarming what he did when Light was imprisoned to prove innocence as Soichiro also imprisoned himself feeling for his son. I don’t think many other fathers could do that. And because of his death, my abhorrence with Light fired up. Light killed his own father just to keep up with his goal. It’s sick. And before that, I recalled that he also thought of killing his sister, Sayu. Sick.

108d377Watari is another heartwarming character I’ve so didn’t like to die. His appearance is so soft that you would not predict what and who he is, and what his capabilities are. I thought in the first parts of the series that Watari would look like Soichiro, hard-looking and very manly. But Watari looks Santa-ish and very nice. Until his last breath, he made sure he would do his job and erase everything when something happens to him, just like what L instructed him to do. It pained me watching him watching L for the last time before hitting the deletion button. It was such a hard-to-breathe moment.


At first, I didn’t get that Rem is a female shinigami and thought that the subs were just wrong. But reading some Death Note stuff in the internet, I realized that she really is a female. What confused me is her love for Misa that’s why I really thought she is a male. But anyway, much as I liked Rem’s character in the story, I still perceived her as blinded by love, thus, stupid. Just like the human she loves, Misa. Had she not gave in to Light’s plan, she could ruin everything for Light but would cause Misa’s death. Her character appeared to be short but sweet. She seemed to be a good shinigami to me. And unlike Ryuk, Rem looks less hideous.


Overall, I thought that the series is very interesting, heart-pounding, mind-bugging, and eye-opening piece of work. The plot is very unique. The intelligence of every scheme is really great that you would always say to yourself how amazing that it happened. At the same time, before every reveal, it would always leave you the feeling of itching to understand how possibly it could happen. So that leaves you to watch the episode every after episode. To be honest, I only have 3 series in mind, which I felt the need to watch the episode immediately after the last—Game of Thrones, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Death Note.

The lessons I’ve learned watching this series are:

One, don’t take advantage of your intelligence to get away with something bad that you did; and/or to manipulate things the way you want them to especially if it’s no longer humane; and/or to play with others’s feelings.

Two, the world is indeed full of shits.

Three, considering number two, a shit cannot be resolved by another shit. Thus, murdering the criminals would not entirely resolve the crime.

Four, judgement will come to all people.

Five, don’t get so fooled with love. Easier said than done, I know.

Six, deep inside I knew I wanted that kind of power to help the world and get rid of my enemies too (lol), but sanity check, I’m better than that.


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