I took refuge on a couch away from everybody else. Despite the drilling sounds of a nearby construction, I was at peace. I held memories that pulled my flesh and bones to the borderline of sensation and reverie.


Floating in between billows of froth and clouds, I surrendered carelessly. Amidst the unknown panorama, there I saw your face; your luminous smile. You were talking animatedly like you always were. It was momentary that I reached for you to rescue the haze as bliss Saran wrapped every curve of my core. I called you but the faint sound of banging metals became intimate swallowing the small of my voice as my soul jumped back to the padded seat. My eyes opened as heat seared in to my skin so fast I had no time to brace; it was the confirmation of reality. And I knew I lost you again. But I remember I never had you to begin with.