[DIY/Backpacking] Cebu Trip – City Tour

City tour can be broken down to two parts—North and South tours.



Transportation – Best to have a car as the places are not accessible by public transportation. If you don’t have one, then habal-habal (motorcycle ride) is your option.

Kuya Marvin Tenajora – 0943 224 2835 or 0995 210 8385

He was my tour guide and he is very nice too. I think the fixed price is P700/motorcycle, but since I negotiated I was doing solo, he gave it to me P500.


1. Sirao Peak – is a flower farm tagged as the ‘Little Amsterdam’. I guess this is the farthest of all the North tour destinations. Entrance fee: P50 (as of June 2017).






2. Tops Lookout – overlooking Cebu City. Unfortunately, it was foggy when I visited, so I didn’t appreciate my visit. Plus, entrance fee is P100 (as of June 2017. I think that’s high). Ideally, you should visit before sunrise/sunset.



3. Temple of Leah – I had known that this was made for Ellen Adarna’s grandmother, Leah.  Entrance fee: P50 (as of June 2017).




4. Taoist Temple – I was not able to go here because they were strict about surrendering an ID. Mine was left in the hotel so they didn’t let me in. Make sure you bring ID before going here.











5. UP Cebu –  I am a UP graduate and I didn’t let my chance passed by without visiting here. Glad that Kuya Marvin drove me here in exchange for Taoist (I was really sad).





Transportation – I asked Kuya Marvin to drop me off to Fort San Pedro. From there, I went to everything via foot.


  1. Fort San Pedro –  oldest fort in the country. Entrance fee: P30 (as of June 2017)



2. Basilica del Santo Niño – not a religious one, but I always ensure I visit infrastructures around. I wanted to take a peak inside the church, but it was too crowdy so I just point-and-shoot. I also planned on dropping by Museum of Basilica de Minore and Basilica del Santo Nino Library, but they were closed for lunch. Couldn’t afford to wait as I was in a time-constraint schedule.



3. Magellan’s Cross – Never miss to see this cross as it embodies history for our country. This is very near Basilica del Santo Niño.



4. Cebu Metropolitan Church – is the ecclesiastical seat of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cebu in Cebu, Philippines.



5. Colon Obelisk – found in the oldest street of Cebu, Colon Street. Also known as Colon Marker.



6. Heritage of Cebu Monument – sculptures showing significant and symbolic events in Cebu’s history.



7. Yap-San Diego Ancestral House – one of the oldest houses in the country. It has remained in its original built since late 17th century.  The place’s a bit eerie for me having so many idols around. And it was very dark. So I didn’t take much time then left. Entrance fee: P30 (as of June 2017)



8. Casa Gorordo Museum – another museum you can visit. This one is a bit more hi-tech. They have big screen on the first floor that the tour guide uses to explain more about the history of the place. They also have interactive displays. Second floor’s very elegant.

Entrance Fee: Being a hi-tech place has its prices. I forgot to note the rest but the cheapest I availed was P120 (with souvenir and free earphones). There’s an option for usage of iPad for more feels. I didn’t bother.




9. Museo Sugbo – former Provincial Jail of Cebu which houses several galleries now. I was told that the walls were made from the egg whites; I didn’t notice. Entrance fee: P30 (as of June 2017)



Map view for South tour (for walking distance idea):

cebu south



I was told to stay near Fuente Osmena Circle as it is convenient for travelers being surrounded by plenty commercial establishments and public utility jeepneys mostly pass by this area.

But since I only stayed one night here (I transferred home stay as I transferred location), I chose a cheaper hotel over convenience. I listed some of the ones I found with below P1000/night.

  1. Sugbutel Hotel – far from Fuente Osmena, but I stayed here on my first day. Starts at P265 (I know right) for bed space. Space was small, but I was able to manage since I was only there for few hours. Literally, I just took a nap and shower, then go. Also, they are not strict with time in and out. I arrived in Cebu at 5:30AM, and they allowed me to checkin immediately. If beds are available, they can let you in with no extra charge. So this was the best choice for me.
  2. C’est La Vie – 6-minute walk from Fuente Osmena.
  3. Travelbee – 10-minute walk from Fuente Osmena.
  4. Mayflower Inn – 15-minute walk from Fuente Osmena.
  5. The Seven Archangels Pension House – 10-minute walk from Fuente Osmena.
  6. Wins Pension House – 15-minute walk from Fuente Osmena.



  1. Rico’s Lechon – I ate here the first time I was in Cebu for a connecting flight (Mactan branch).
  2. Zubuchon – There’s a branch near Fuente Osmena, but I ate in SM Cebu’s branch.
  3. Ayer’s Lechon – There’s also a branch in SM Cebu.
  4. Yaksi BBQ
  5. CNT Lechon
  6. La Vie ParisienneLantaw Native Restaurant



Time Expenses
06:00 Checkin Sugbutel (first class) Php420.00
09:30 Sirao Peak Php50.00
10:00 Tops Php100.00
10:30 Temple of Leah Php50.00
(habal habal fee) Php500.00
10:45 UP Cebu
11:00 Fort San Pedro Php30.00
11:20 LUNCH
11:40 Basilica del Santo Nino
11:45 Magellan’s Cross
11:55 Cebu Metropolitan Church
12:10 Colon Obelisk
12:15 Heritage of Cebu Monument
12:20 Yap-San Diego Ancestral House Php30.00
12:40 Casa Gorordo Museum Php120.00
13:00 Museo Sugbo Php30.00
TOTAL Php1,330.00


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