[DIY/Backpacking] Cebu Trip – Malapascua Island

Let me be honest that I regret I still pushed to go here despite my inner hunch to cancel already. I’ll tell you my story…

06:20AM – From Hagnaya port, I hailed tricycle going Don Pedro. Fare is P30.

06:40AM– Rode a bus bound to Maya port. Fare is P37

07:50AM – Arrival in Maya port. Unlike in Hagnaya port, boats going to Malapascua Island are not scheduled. Boats will just leave when the minimum number of passengers were met. So this meant indefinite hours of waiting. And unfortunately, that’s what happened to me. Fare is P100.

09:15AM – Departure from Maya port. The minimum number of passengers was still not met so they negotiated we, current passengers, to just add P50 so we could leave already. Of course, we agreed.

09:50AM – Arrival in Malapascua Island. Maybe it was just me agitated and frustrated already, but it looked to me that the island was not that stunning.

I looked for some place to eat while tugging my baggage, which by the way added to my difficulty not that it’s anyone’s fault, so I went to Ging-Ging’s Restaurant & Flower Garden. Food prices were affordable. I stayed there for an hour or so before deciding to walk near shore.

Ging-Ging’s Restaurant is quite near the shore. In the shore, there are sunbathing chairs and you-can-seat-here chairs for unwinding—FREE. It was a cloudy day and the rain was warning us that it would cry anytime now.  I thought it was a perfect time to take advantage of the weather and swim, but my sunburn from yesterday’s island hopping reminded me not to dare or I’d be as good as an inedible lechon. So I just sat and watched the waves bump into each other. I almost fell asleep, but my bags were worrying me of being snatched.



01:30PM – When I thought I was not that enjoying myself, I got up and went back to departure side of the island to go back in Maya port. I did/was not able to roam around the island despite being small in proximity because of my bags (it’s hard to pull my bags against the grains of sands, really my bad). So yet, it’s still my fault I did not enjoy my stay here.

02:15PM – Arrival in Maya port. Luckily, there’s a waiting van bound to SM Cebu so I was able to get a ride easily. Otherwise, I would have to wait for a bus (indefinitely again).

07:00PM– Arrival in SM Cebu. Finally! It was a sickening long ride I almost had abscess in my butt. That’s the downside of an afternoon road trip. TRAFFIC!



  1. Villa Sandra
  2. Thresher Cove Resort
  3. Malapascua Starlight Resort
  4. Slam’s Garden Resort
  5. Hippocampus Beach Resort



  1. Ging Ging’s Restaurant
  2. Ocean Vida Restaurant
  3. La Isla Bonita Restaurant
  4. Magellan’s Bar and Restaurant



Since I didn’t say anything valuable during my stay here, here are the things you could do that I didn’t.

  1. Beach bumming
  2. Snorkeling / Cliff Jumping – if you decided to rent a boat for island hopping, you can ask the boatman to take you to the 50 foot cliff
  3. Biking – rentals are available. Just ask your hostel if they have one.
  4. Sunset and sunrise watching
  5. Happy Hour – Before sunset, some bars and restaurants usually offer Happy Hour



Time Expenses
06:20 To Don Pedro PhP 30
06:40 To Maya port PhP 37
07:50 Arrival in Maya port
09:15 To Malapascua island PhP 150
09:50 Arrival in Malapascua island
10:00 BRUNCH
13:30 Departure from Malapascua Island PhP 100
transfer to small boat (due to low tide) PhP 20
14:15 Arrival in Maya port
14:30 To SM Cebu PhP 200
19:00 Arrival in SM Cebu


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