[DIY/Backpacking] Cebu Trip

Cebu trip was my first travel alone via plane (the rest of my solo travels were via land).

I stayed in Cebu for 5D4N, and I wished I could have maximized my stay (you’ll see my regrets).

Here are the summaries of my stay per day with budget (excluding food). I allotted one blog for Days 1, 2, and 3.


Time Expenses
06:00 Checkin Sugbutel (first class) Php420.00
09:30 Sirao Peak Php50.00
10:00 Tops Php100.00
10:30 Temple of Leah Php50.00
(habal habal fee) Php500.00
10:45 UP Cebu
11:00 Fort San Pedro Php30.00
11:20 LUNCH
11:40 Basilica del Santo Nino
11:45 Magellan’s Cross
11:55 Cebu Metropolitan Church
12:10 Colon Obelisk
12:15 Heritage of Cebu Monument
12:20 Yap-San Diego Ancestral House Php30.00
12:40 Casa Gorordo Museum Php120.00
13:00 Museo Sugbo Php30.00
TOTAL Php1,330.00


You can also visit:

  1. Cebu IT Park

  2. Taoist Temple

  3. Museum of Basilica de Minore

  4. Basilica del Santo Nino Library


Where to Stay:

  1. Sugbutel Hotel

  2. C’est La Vie

3. Travelbee

4. Mayflower Inn

5. The Seven Archangels Pension House

6. Wins Pension House


Where to eat:

  1. Rico’s Lechon

  2. Zubuchon

  3. Ayer’s Lechon

  4. Yaksi BBQ

  5. CNT Lechon

  6. La Vie Parisienne

7. Lantaw Native Restaurant



Time Expenses
22:00 Checkout Sugbutel
22:30 To North Bus Terminal PhP 100
23:20 To Hagnaya port PhP 165
02:00 Arrival in Hagnaya port
03:00 Departure from port PhP 180
04:15 Arrival to Bantayan Island PhP 20
04:30 Checkin homestay PhP 500
08:00 Start of island hopping
08:30 Arrival in Virgin Island
10:00 Arrival in Hilantagan Island
11:00 Arrival in Paradise beach
12:00 LUNCH
13:00 Ogtong’s Cave
13:30 Arrival to Diving Cliff and German Ruins
14:15 Arrival in Obo Ob Mangrove Garden
16:00 Arrival in Sts. Peter and Paul Church
Tour guide fee PhP 1,500
the following day…
04:00 Checkout home stay PhP 30
04:15 Arrival in Bantayan port
05:10 To Hagnaya Port PhP 180
06:20 Arrival in Hagnaya port
 TOTAL PhP 2,675


You can also visit:

1. Kinatarkan Island

2. Madridejos Towns


Where to Stay:

1. Bantayan Cottages – Cheap but far from shore

2. Kota Beach Resort – beach front

3. Bantayan Huts – near the beach

4. Ritzy’s White Beach Resort – beach front


Where to Eat:

I highly suggest dropping by to MJ Square. There are lots of food choices here; just walk and choose.



Time Expenses
06:20 To Don Pedro PhP 30
06:40 To Maya port PhP 37
07:50 Arrival in Maya port
09:15 To Malapascua island PhP 150
09:50 Arrival in Malapascua island
10:00 BRUNCH
13:30 Departure from Malapascua Island PhP 100
transfer to small boat (due to low tide) PhP 20
14:15 Arrival in Maya port
14:30 To SM Cebu PhP 200
19:00 Arrival in SM Cebu


What to do:

  1. Beach bumming

  2. Snorkeling / Cliff Jumping

  3. Biking

  4. Sunset and sunrise watching

  5. Happy Hour


Where to Stay:

  1. Villa Sandra

2. Thresher Cove Resort

  1. Malapascua Starlight Resort

  2. Slam’s Garden Resort

  3. Hippocampus Beach Resort


Where to Eat:

  1. Ging Ging’s Restaurant

  2. Ocean Vida Restaurant

  3. La Isla Bonita Restaurant

  4. Magellan’s Bar and Restaurant



When I arrived to SM Cebu from Malapascua Island, I checked in again to Sugbutel Hotel for 2 nights.

My Day 4 was supposedly a trip to Oslob, but since my sunburn was so inconvenient and I was not feeling so well due to long trips of my Malapascua day (to and from), I skipped Oslob and regret my life.

I used the stay to shop and heal my sunburn by staying in SM Cebu (don’t tell me, I know). That’s what basically happened in my Day 4 until it was time to leave.



1. Tabo-an market – if you have list of people to bring goods to and if you are ready to haggle for prices, this is the best place to save money. Just bring an extra shirt as there’s a stinky smell that could last in your shirt

  1. SM Cebu – if you wanted a more convenient option, then malls are your bet. In my case, I didn’t have the enough energy to spare to haggle for prices; more like I was not willing. So I settled shopping in SM Cebu. I think prices do not differ that much.



  • Barili – Mantayupan Falls
  • Dalaguete
    • Obong Coldspring
    • Kulabyaw Cave
  • Liloan – Bagacay Point Lighthouse
  • Moalboal
    • Pescador Island
    • Tuble Marine Sanctuary
    • Basdiot and Saavedra Marine Sanctuary
    • Turtle Sanctuary
    • Panagsama Beach
    • Busay Caves
    • Moalboal Church
    • Moalboal Basdaku Beach
    • Mainit Spring
    • Kabutongan Falls
    • Inambakan Falls
  • Oslob
    • Whale Shark attraction
    • Cuartel Ruins and Heritage Park
    • Oslob Church
    • Tumalog Falls
    • Sumilon Island
  • Samboan
    • Aguinid Falls
    • Binalayan Hidden Falls
    • Candayvic Falls + Dao Falls



…With so much regret because I kind of wasted my Day 4. But I know I’d be back so I didn’t leave the City with so much grief.


Checkout my other blogs during my stay in Cebu:





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