Yes, I’m a proud KPop/KDrama Fan!

Oh yes! I’m a fan of basically anything and everything about South Korea! Now, before I became one, I once detested this phenomenon in our country simply because it kills our entertainment business. But (and I think people will agree with me), South Korea’s entertainment industry is so much richer than ours. And me, being a big consumer of music and films cannot deny this to myself any longer.

And so I totally gave in.

KPOP Fever…

Way back 2013 or so, I used to bite Miss A’s, 4Minute’s, and Sistar’s dances. But it didn’t flourish well enough.

BTS: The Root of All

Come 2016, a friend made me watched BTS’ Fire MV. And man, I was totally hooked! I initially noticed Kookie because, well, he’s always on the center blocking. Later on, as I spazz on BTS, I gradually started to realize that it was Taetae who I liked the most and Kookie was just my bait. Since then, I downloaded all their songs; tried to memorize the lyrics and pronunciation (I still fail with the rap parts); watched their MVs, VLives, silliness, etc.; made song covers; and even buy stuff like light stick and pins. I even almost bought a VIP ticket for their Wings Tour! But I had this family thing so I was not able to. I am still hoping though that even if their fans would kill just to see them, I still get a chance to see them too.

Then you know those moments when you say things and regret them later on? Well, I got one about BTS. I said that I’d stay loyal to them and I would spazz only about them.


NCT127: The Infidelity

Just very recently, July 2017, we had this event on our company. The theme was KPOP, and I was ecstatic! I volunteered right away for the intermission number. So when I met the dance group members, their song requests included NCT127’s and EXO’s. Huh. So okay. I was okay with those as long as BTS was included as well. And to my excitement, I started biting NCT127’s Cherrybomb (because I really thought they were way behind me on the dance steps since I only ‘know’ BTS), only to find out they didn’t know the dance yet. And you know how it works. You bite, you watch the videos several times to ensure that you got the right steps. Then I started to develop my liking for NCT127. Immediately, Jaehyun got my attention; not because of blockings (he’s not always on the center) but because his dance skills really stood out! And I know for sure that Taeyong is my bias wrecker because… why not? While biting, the feeling of guilt was consuming me because of the pact with myself not to spazz with any other KPop group except BTS. But, can’t help it. NCT127 is really good! Not as much as BTS, but NCT127 is really talented too.


EXO: The Coming Out

And to rub more salt to my wound of guilt, I also ‘needed’ to bite EXO’s Ko Ko Bop because I was not present when it was taught. I needed to make up. So I watched, bit, and became a fan as well. So EXO gave me a hard time to realize who I really adored most. I liked Baekhyun, Suho, Sehun, and Chanyeol. I tried to deduce so Sehun was the first to go. After watching several silliness, Suho was cutout too. So the battle between BH and CY was intense in my heart. But between the two, Chanyeol is giving me more extreme feelings. That leaves Baekhyun as my bias wrecker.


Bias Comparison

If there is one thing common with my three biases, it’s their talent with acting.

V and Jaehyun are both great dancers; not Chanyeol.

V and Chanyeol are so dork; Jaehyun not as much (based on what I have watched so far).

Jaehyun is excellent with speaking in English; V and Chanyeol not really.

Chanyeol is multi-talented with music—he can play guitar, piano, rap, and sing; not yet sure about Jaehyun and V.

So you see. My biases are competitive with one another, but if I am to rank them, V will always be my number 1. But recently, I’ve been spending so much time about CY and not enough about JH. So for now, it’s V then CY then JH.



Other thing that I like about South Korea is their drama. Not yet submerged in the liking as the only latest KDrama I completed was Goblin and Hwarang (because of V). The past, I got Full House; My Coffee Prince; Secret Garden; Personal Taste, etc. What’s great about their dramas is the plot, how it was written and how it was executed


What Else to Like…

Question is, what’s not to like? I’ve been in South Korea for thrice already (as of writing) and there’s no bad beef I got about their country (yet). It’s clean, the transportation is so convenient, the food is awesome… I am even trying to learn their language to have my edge when going there. Well, I can’t focus on it right now because of other stuff, but I still try hard.


I am hoping that my fandom won’t grow any bigger anymore. Not because I don’t like to, but because I will have a hard time to give them attention during fangirling. And that’s heartbreaking.


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