Loveticides: To be Honest, this Day of Hearts

So today is my 28th February 14, and it's just like any other day. I worked in my house and watched good TV programs. I ate home-cooked meals wearing my nightgown. I only took my bath minutes before dinner. My makeup, shoes, wardrobe, bags, and perfume were at peace today; crime was absent for not … Continue reading Loveticides: To be Honest, this Day of Hearts


If You are a Homophobic, Why?

I admit that I once hated gays and lesbians for being so loud and self-absorbed creatures lurking this planet. But that's a very shallow justification, don't you think? I managed to fully outgrew my topic immaturity when I met my closest friends in the company I am working for. Some of them already resigned, but … Continue reading If You are a Homophobic, Why?

The Man Whose Penis Shrank Every Time He Told A Lie — Thought Catalog

Illustration by Daniella UrdinlaizRex Clydesdale was feeling lucky. The dark and deathly cold South Dakota winter was creeping to an end. As he motored his wheezing pickup truck to his favorite bar while sunset crept over the flat horizon, he could see water dripping off the icicles hanging from the balconies above Main Street’s abandoned stores.… … Continue reading The Man Whose Penis Shrank Every Time He Told A Lie — Thought Catalog

Golden Rule

Had another mature conversation with a close friend today, and one of the things we've talked about was... Does friendship requires commitment? He said no. Of course, I  negated him. So I looked up on some articles about friendship and commitment, and found this very enlightening article... Source: To make a new “friend” (especially on … Continue reading Golden Rule


So there's this guy I find attractive. He is a bassist in the church where I attend to, which is a plus because I find music-oriented people very sexy. I don't know if he is really handsome, but he is charming in one way or another. For weeks now, I've been excited to attend church … Continue reading Stalk