Goblin Filming Locations

Note: I grouped them into two---by location and by episode. BLUE - was able to see myself RED - needing help to know exactly where Will continually update as possible.   BY LOCATION Seoul Wall Art Alley Bridge near Yongdap Station Konkuk University Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Deoksugung Palace Wall BBQ Olive Chicken (1st and 2nd … Continue reading Goblin Filming Locations


South Korea Travel Tips

Updated 04/19/2018 Before the Trip: 1. Try to learn basic Hangul words because most of Koreans are not English-speakers. Most helpful ones are about directions, numbers (for count, money, etc.), restaurants... Could create a blog to list down the phrases, which helped me survived for the past 5 visits I did. I'll keep you posted. … Continue reading South Korea Travel Tips

[UPDATED April 2018] All about Korean Tourist Visa

Updated 04/27/2018 Applying South Korean Visa is pretty easy. At the moment, you can still apply visa by yourself without paying an agency. However, there are recent announcements about discontinuing walk-in applications and instead, agencies will apply in behalf of an applicant. For the meantime, status quo. There are several types of visa you can … Continue reading [UPDATED April 2018] All about Korean Tourist Visa